Steve Panapa


Grace Church Christmas (32 of 77)Like every person who finds the grace of God revealed in Jesus Christ, everything is now about Jesus. In light of Jesus there is not much to tell about me, but for the sake of introducing myself to you, here is a brief bio.

I am Maori, was born in Rotorua in the 50’s and was adopted at birth. I have lived most of my life in Auckland.

I was brought up in a Christian home and was baptised and confirmed in an Anglican church.

From nine years old I knew God had called me to be a minister. At that young age I understood the concepts of Christianity and knew that Jesus was real because of the genuine faith of my parents.

At 19 I married Eva, the woman God had planned for me. He knew a loser like me needed someone steadfast (no nonsense), mature, loving, fun, kind, nutty, beautiful… and able to have lots of kids (7)!

I lived for many years as everything but a Christian.

At 27 Rev Martin Bridge visited me and soon after I was born again in a very real way. I knew at that moment I had spiritually passed from death to life. The filth of sin was washed away as the cleansing of Christ came over me. It was tangibly real. I felt this change through my whole mind, heart and soul.

Ross Thompson, Andrew Young and others introduced me to Reformed theology. At the age of 45 I studied at Grace Theological College in Manurewa for 3 years and loved it.

Since then, by God’s grace I have pastored churches in Auckland, Owaka (The Catlins) and now Rotorua.

God is great, Jesus is glorious and the Spirit is powerful.

Yours in Christ Steven & Fuieva Panapa